8.99 broccoli cheese soup our own recipe loaded with cheese and fresh broccoli. 4.29 cup have your tenders dipped in brann's homemade bourbon sauce or buffalo sauce for just 50 . our sizzling success story our famous "sizzling sirloin steak" was invented by john brann sr. over 50 years ago, 6.99 visit us at branns.com sorry,

You've sent branns's menu to: our own recipe loaded with cheese and fresh broccoli our famous 8oz sizzling sirloin steak topped with "brann's famous homemade bourbon sauce"

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Open monday through sunday for lunch and dinner, brann's serves dishes like salads, brann's burger baskets, sandwiches, wraps and entrees such as the bourbon sizzling sirloin steak and prime. brann's steakhouse & grille also offers a full bar, and a sports (play this video) steak diane recipe: coat steak in sauce

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Serve warm with the following sauce which makes the dish memorable! brandy sauce (or whisky or rum); 1/2 ib butter ; 2 eggs; 1 cup brown sugar 2 lemons grated and juiced; 1/2 cup brandy, bourbon , or rum ( have one for yourself if the sun is setting);

So naturally after seeing this “chocolate nutella cookie” recipe by garret mccord, i had to jump at the opportunity, and excuse, to heat up the oven. this would also mark the first time i’ve made an all chocolate cookie, and i’m infuriated that i didn’t do so sooner because it’s delicious!!! bacon hot sauce

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