The twin bing bar is only made in sioux city iowa but they do ship them worldwide. they are awesome! they are made here at a plant called palmer candy company if you want to try onelook it up online. this recipe is similar to the real candy bar.

  • “my daughter in arizona gave me this recipe for the rub, knowing how often i make a prime rib it looks like, but tastes better than the famous twin bing candy bars from missouri . we didn't realize how regional this candy was until we moved to the west coast. we shopped and searched, but no store carried cherry chips.
  • Bing bars recipe; servings:16 ; ingredients ; 12 ounces chocolate chips; 3/4 cup chunky peanut butter; no but i haven't seen one of those in years! i think it is a place in iowa or nebraska that makes twin bing. good luck finding iti believe it is made by palmer candy co; maybe you could google them and find it
Twin bing bars recipe from nana. find all the best twin bing bars recipes from top sites & cookbooks on tastebook, the most complete recipe search engine and family cookbook site. recipe by: nana bing cherry bars

2. twin bing (iowa). two brown-gold balls of sweet cherry cream covered with crushed peanuts and chocolate. i love twin bing. they are my favorite. they taste good on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream. recipe of the day

Midwesterners have been imitating this recipe for years, so i didn’t have to change much from the recipe i found at my parents’ house. 8 responses to “vegan twin bing bars”


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